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Havoline® xpress lube®ServicesYou demand high performance out of your car, so treat it right with our complete 15-Point Star Service. From a new air filter to checking the transmission fluid, your car will thank you for it.

15 Point Star Service

  1. Change oil with Havoline® Motor Oil
  2. Change oil filter
  3. Check air filter
  4. Check brake fluid
  5. Check and fill power steering fluid
  6. Fill windshield washer reservoir
  7. Check and fill battery fluid
  8. Check cooling system fluid
  9. Check transmission fluid
  10. Check differential fluid
  11. Lubricate chassis
  12. Check wiper blades
  13. Check and properly inflate tires
  14. Vacuum automobile interior
  15. Wash windows


Free vehicle inspections
Free vehicle quotes
Free fluid top offs with every oil except brake
Free vehicle vacuum
Free tire pressure checks

Oil Change

Conventional oil change 34.99
Synthetic blend oil change 49.99
High mileage oil change 49.99
Full synthetic oil change 64.99
Diesel oil change starting 34.99

*All oil changes include up to 5 quarts of oil each additional quart is an additional fee.
*Special oil filter may have additional charge

Flush & Fill

Transmission flush 119.99
Radiator flush 119.99
Power Steering flush 79.99

Other Services Available

Fuel system injection cleaning 49.99 and up
Fuel filter 59.99 and up
Serpentine belt 79.99 and up
Gearbox Drain and Fill 69.99 and up
Light replacements starting at 4.99 and up
A/C Recharge 99.99
Air filter 21.99 and up
Cabin air filter 49.99 and up
Wiper Blades 29.95 each

Automatic Transmission Service

Fuel System Service

Air Filter Replacement

Full-Service Oil Change

Differential Service

Radiator Flush and Fill